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Grade 9

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Grade 12

PPL1OQ (Boys English)

PPL2OQ (Boys English)

PPL3OQ (Boys English)

PPL4OQ (Boys English)

PPL1O2 (Boys French)

PPL2O2 (Boys French)

PPL3OP (Girls English)

PPL4OP (Girls English)

PPL1OP (Girls English)

PAF2OP (Girls Fitness)

PAF3O (Fitness)

PAF4O (Fitness)

PPL1O1 (Girls French)

PPL2O1 (Girls French)

PAR3O (Dance)

PAR4O (Dance)

PAD2O (Outdoor Education)

PAD3O (Outdoor Education)

PSK4UE (Exercise/Sport Science)

PAR2O (Dance)


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Gym Dress:

To allow students to perform in a safe, hygienic environment, students will change clothes for class. A t-shirt, shorts or sweat pants, socks and proper footwear are required. Sweat tops or wind breakers may be worn outside. During winter activities units, students should have appropriate boots, tuques, gloves & winter jackets. Jewelry must be removed for class and locked in a safe place.

Change Rooms:

This area is open to your class and others scheduled at the same time. Students are encouraged to bring a lock to secure belongings in the provided lockers (or alternatively, leave belongings in your provided school locker). Students are advised to leave nothing of value in the change rooms. Showers are encouraged when activity has been strenuous (students must provide their own towel - extra time can be given for showers.)


Any accident, no matter how minor, MUST be reported to the teacher. If an accident is serious in nature alert the teacher at once. DO NOT MOVE OR TOUCH THE INJURED PERSON.

Medical Excuses for Non-Participation in Class:

A note from home is required to be excused from active participation in class. You must come to class and participate to the limit of your ability. If you are to be excused for more than three days, you must bring a medical certificate from your doctor. This note must indicate when you can resume regular class participation and indicate if a modified program is necessary for a length of time.

Students are expected to participate to the fullest of their ability in each class. Students who are excused from Phys. Ed. class will not be allowed to participate in practice or games at lunch, before, or after school.

Gymnasium and Storage Rooms:

A teacher or coach must be present in the gym area when it is being used. Students are asked not to go into the storage areas unless directed to by a teacher or coach.


Students will be asked to maintain a notebook for physical and health education courses.

Testing and Evaluation:

Students are assessed daily based on the Participation Rubric (also posted on the bulletin board). Students are reminded that written assignments carry a large weight in the final course evaluation. Timely completion of these assignments is required to be successful in this course. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for missed tests or assignments to be completed.

Interscholastic and Intramural Participation:

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in Intramural and Interscholastic sports.


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